Complete refrigeration management of your business on a single platform

Discover all your savings potential, control your equipment and monitor efficiency in real time, from anywhere, in a much easier way.

Available for: Desktop and Mobile

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Refrigeration management, simpler and quicker

Don't waste time looking for information in complex reports and avoid surprises. Using DAP you anticipate the correction of problems, having a view of all your environments and equipment on a single platform.

Predictive Maintenance

Receive personalized notifications of failures and maintenance needs before the machine causes problems and accidents.

Automation for Refrigeration

Set the functioning hours of your equipment, entirely eliminating energy wastage.

Maximize the efficiency of your refrigeration management with Devac®

Choose the package that best suits your company and have complete management. Packages range from monitoring to managing invoices.

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Maximum Reduction in Cooling Costs

Avoid wasted energy and maintenance costs. You will have a complete diagnosis of your company with the automation of environments and the monitoring of the health of the machines.

Integrated Platform

All your equipment and information organized in one place, with comparative reports and customizable alerts, as well as a consultant at your disposal..


DAP allows anyone on your team to understand and extract information, with an automatic analysis system that indicates the health status of your machines and the temperature of your environments

How It Works

The onboarding process is quick and you always have a consultant on hand to help you through all the steps.


We install our sensors and meters in your devices, a process that takes less than 15 minutes.


After this stage, all data is collected and captured for our cloud database.


The information is passed on to our platform and available for your team to access much more easily, in real time.


Discover your company's savings potential now with Diel Energia's exclusive calculator.

Average rate

Average rate ($/kWh) applied by the concessionaire.

Capacity installed (in TR)

Sum of capacity (TR) of simulated equipment. Obs: 1 TR = 12.000 Btus/h.

Opening hours

Average turn-on and turn-off time of air conditioning equipment.

Savings Potential Monthly

Savings Potential Yearly

The savings potential shown is based on the information entered by the user. to get a custom simulation,enter in contact our specialized team.

Números Brasil

Our numbers


Saving generated


Average reduction in
energy consumption


Energy saving


Brazilian states


CO2 reduction


Devices in operation

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