Team Diel Energia

We are constructing a new era of refrigeration management and the cooling industry.

We are fast paced and focused on delivering the most value possible for our clients.

improvement and improvement Continuous are our main incentives to evolve as person and professionals.

At DIEL we structure the company in hree main areas, all totally interconnected and aligned.

We value a multidisciplinary and interaction between teams to optimize one sole function: transform the cooling industry.

Hardware, firmware and software technology 100% focused on client success.


Passionate about listening, understanding and solving energy and our customers problems.


Commercial sells. Product develops. operationsgo there and make it happen.


What our team says:

Maurício Alencar
Firmware Engineer

“Diel has a profile of extreme quality, a dynamic and integrated work environment between teams with great communication. With client feedback and intense analysis of the tools, we bring valuable insights to construct and improve the whole product.”

Yasmin Moraes

“I was always curious about what the next step in my professional journey would be. Today, working here, I don't doubt this anymore. I still don't know exactly where Diel is going to go, but I know that I am going to be a part of it.”

Pablo Melo
Data Coordinator

“Since I joined the team, I've realized that cultural fit in the company motivates us to reach ever bigger objectives, while always considering what's most important: the human being! As well as great talent, we are a great family!”

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