Predictive Maintenance

Receive maintenance recommendations before problems occur and eliminate those unnecessary visits and delays.

Integrated Devac® Platform

Simplify the management of refrigeration equipment in your business, using all the features of our platform:

Temperature, pressure and voltage sensors.

100% digital and online control.

Alerts and notifications in real time, customized by you.

Complete and personalizable reports.

Monitoring and diagnosis of machine health in real time

Artificial intelligence that identifies the state of all your machines, in 4 classification levels, based on automatic calculations of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Health diagnosis of the machines

Urgent Maintenance

System malfunctioning or not refrigerating, with broken components.

Imminent Risk

System with determined fault and tendency to worsen.

Out of Specification

Inefficient system, over-consuming and under-refrigerating.

Functioning Correctly

System functioning as it should.

Monitoring of temperature and humidity of environments

Understand, in real time, if your environments are operating at the ideal temperature and level of humidity for your process. We will alert you when anomalies and faults are detected.


To protect your machines and environments 24 hours a day, our solution allows you to adjust the notifications you receive in real time via email or Telegram.

Notification of machine health

Notification of environment temperature

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