Intelligent and sustainable management for refrigeration.

The Diel Energia solves practical problems with refrigeration management, meaning businesses stop paying unnecessarily for energy consumption and excessive maintenance. With a multidisciplinary eam and a lot of technology, Diel is constructing a new era of refrigeration management and the cooling industry.


Support businesses with
management through innovative technology contributing to
operations sustainable.


Revolutionize HVAC-R and
Energy sectors, being the operational system or refrigeration.


Focus, transparency, agility,
respect, autonomy, and team

Founded in 2018 by brothers Bruno and Victor Arcuri, Diel started in a garage in Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis. Soon after, Edson Rocha joined the founding team with support from Sinapse da Inovação (FAPESC). Much experimentation and iteration with customers later (and even a major pivot) Diel continues to evolve, today in the largest metropolis in the country, helping its customers to solve the big problem that is managing fleets of refrigeration machines.

Victor Arcuri, Bruno Arcuri e Edson Rocha, 2022.

Diel Energia office, Vila Olímpa - SP

  • March

    Creation of Diel Energia

    Winner of Sinapse da INOVAÇÃO VI FAPESC FAPESC

  • September

    Grupo GERA

    Grupo GERA becomes partner in Diel

  • December

    100 Devices

    We reached the milestone of 100 devices installed

  • December

    500 Devices

    We reached the milestone of 500 devices installed

  • December

    +5.000 devices

    Contracting of +5.000 devices in expansion projects.

  • Fevereiro

    Moved to Sao Paulo

    Contracting of +20.000 devices closing partnership with the 50 largest companies in the country

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